Be Still and Know That I am God [Video]

Exploring Thoughts on God, Faith and Life in Psalms 46. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is just make some short videos on personal reflections about God, Faith and Life. Sitting down this morning and thing through the verse “be still and know that I am God”, looking this up it’s from Psalms 46 and the CSB translates it a bit differently, so I was thinking through that and why this was on my mind.

Place God First

Such an easy concept but so hard to put into action. Placing God first in our life is a challenge because it requires self sacrifice on our part. I think we should look at the cross and realize the example that God made when sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross. Each and everyday we have opportunities to place God first, we need to change our mindset on things and let God transform us.

Truth, Action and Prayer

The study of God and His word is a critical thing to our Christian faith and many forget the importance of it. Of course, study of truth alone isn’t enough because taking it into practice is critical! But on the other hand action without a solid foundation of truth can lead to grave mistakes and misunderstanding. I hope this year through these blogs and other interactions that we all may seek out the hard truth’s of God and not be ashamed of the gospel and what it says.

Also that we may pause everyday during our busy schedules, if only for a moment, reflect on God and His Word. That’s my challenge, don’t just stop for a moment and read this blog, or just throw a 5 second prayer out before walking in the door. But to take a moment to stop and think upon God who is in heaven on His throne reigning supremely over and in all things in heaven and on earth, the visible and invisible.