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Personal Reflections

35+ years in the making, this site is a catalogue of multiple areas of my life. Deep personal and spiritual journeys to more light hearted content like my passion for cooking and games. I have done my best to date and categorize everything. Even digging into the archives to find some back to my early childhood.

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The Journey Home

Life’s Journey I was reminded of this and how we are so lacking in our understanding of life as we were driving home the other way with our baby boy Ezra in the back. A mix of emotions, talking to himself, upset and eventually sleeping. It hit me that we are often like that and…

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Getting Organized

There is something so accomplishing and peaceful for me, and I know many others, about getting organized. This can be as simple as shredding some junk mail or the trash getting picked up. It is a feeling of accomplishment and freeing of the brain, Admiral McRaven famously put it “If you wanna change the world,…

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