The Journey Home

Life’s Journey

I was reminded of this and how we are so lacking in our understanding of life as we were driving home the other way with our baby boy Ezra in the back. A mix of emotions, talking to himself, upset and eventually sleeping. It hit me that we are often like that and our perspective so limited. For our baby boy he only knows the car seat he is in and his immediate feelings of tired, hunger or wanting to see mommy or daddy. For the adults in the front it’s a 16 minute drive home, the journey is clear. We know where we are going. We know why we are going and what the plans are for the future, when we get home. But for the child, he does not know, could he even know if he was told?

God the Driver

This makes me think about spirituality and life, what if God is the adult in the front seat and we the child buckled in to the car seat. Think about this, we experience real emotions and feelings and within what we are able to experience life’s journey. We may know we’re going somewhere, but it’s hard to tell 16 years into the future, or in God’s eyes 16 minutes. We experience many feelings and emotions, maybe we ask “where is God”, we’ll he’s driving the vehicle in the front seat ensuring a safe trip home, you’re just having trouble seeing him right now.

Dangers of Life

You can continue with this; think of all the dangers of the road and life that the mom and dad protect the child of, most of which the child has no clue. How many things around us do we take for granted, because we do not see them. Maybe we cannot even see them? How many things does God protect us from. How many other things do we miss if we do not look around, blinded by our limitations of being ‘in the car seat’. It is mind blowing when you consider how many things happen every day that we just cannot grasp.

One Day

Why do the parents protect and care for their child? Because they love them and they always will, if they are good parents. The child may not always see it that way. Throughout the life’s journey the child will rebel, not understand and even get angry. The good parent continues on in their love, knowing one day they will understand better. I believe that is the same with God, He continues to love us, knowing in the day or rather age to come, we will understand the things he did, or why he did not do.

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