The Word of God

The Word of God can be expressed in several ways, as Jesus Christ (Jn 1:1, Rev 19:13), speech by God, personal address by God, God speaking through human lips and the written word (The Bible). All of these are truth and ways the Word of God haven been shared and expressed to us. Of all of these though, we have direct access 24/7 to one, the bible. The bible is God’s written word, documentation of that which He has, is and will do.

“This is the form of God’s Word that is available for study, for public inspection, for repeated examination and as a basis for mutual discussions. It tells us about and points us to the Word of God as a person, namely Jesus Christ, whom we do not now have present in bodily form on earth.” – Systematic Theology. We should read the bible daily and reflect on God’s Word, letting it reach deep into our hearts and minds to change us and shape us into His image. 

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